My kinda day…


I finally finished another weaving and delivered it across the street to our awesome neighbors. They bring us local fruit all the time and invite us over for beers or brunch or just to hang out in their nice backyard.


Here’s a close-up. I used twine and yarn and just mixed it all together. I think this is my best yet, but I’m already working on a Valentine’s Day themed weaving and think my technique will keep improving gradually. This particular craft is great if you are someone who likes a kinetic feel when getting down with arts and crafts. I also really enjoy doing things like working with wood, furniture refinishing, and candle making. I’m hoping to take a crack at gardening in the Spring so I can get my hands good and dirty.


I had a pleasant surprise just a little while ago. My friend sent me flowers to say thank you. I took her to Urgent Care last week because she’d just had foot surgery and couldn’t drive. When they were doing the surgery and were taking out her breathing tube, they accidentally jarred one of her fillings loose which led to an infection. Besides all of this, she lost her husband a few short months ago to pancreatic cancer. So it wasn’t like I needed any sort of thanks for helping her out. She is like a mother to me and I try and treat her with the same care and love.


I love that she specifically asked the florist for, “something simple and sweet”.  That pretty much sums up what I like in flowers and these were perfect.

DSC_0012My sweet girl, she’s getting so big! Almost a year old and I’m already buying her size 18 months in clothing. We are both ready for some consistently sunny weather, I think. Luckily, that little grin always makes the house a warmer happier place.


We did manage to get some real sun on the bike path today and I am back to running a full three miles, albeit slowly, as my bum knee still feels a little wonky. I have some kind of tendinitis that flares up now and then, but I can’t give up running. I feel so much better each time we go.


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