This brass bracelet with glass cabochons, from a local antique store, stole my heart immediately. I’m so excited to wear this with bright orange, red, and yellow clothing.  Or perhaps as a solitary embellishment for a white Spring dress?

Close-up of a “new” Indian-print tablecloth I found (same antique store).  It brings so much color to our dining table.

One of my favorite drop-lamps in our home. This casts a warm glow over our table every evening. Its made of some sort of fabricated stone, but it looks like quartz, with orange and bronze striations running through it.  I believe it was a Lowe’s purchase.


This little guy has been sadly neglected over the years. He graced my cubicle for ages at my old job, but now sits proudly on the kitchen table, in the best light in the entire house.  He is overdue for some love.


A beautiful Anthropologie bowl, received as a house-warming present years ago from a friend with fabulous taste. I’ve loved the bright colors it brings to every room.  Right now it’s serving as a place for all the yummy citrus our neighbors gifted to us recently.  Little girl and I have enjoyed at least one tangerine, orange, or grapefruit every morning and the bowl is emptying quickly.

IMG_4228And lastly, my new forest green beanie. I have two green beanies now, one from my loving Boo (Christmas present).  It keeps my ears warm, covers my crazy hair, and makes me grin every time I wear it.


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