Looking back on 2014…


The most beautiful day for Sam when we finally finished installing sod in our back yard. DSC_0054

Teapot peering out my kitchen window. IMG_2948

Fresh flowers and sunshine on my first Mother’s Day.IMG_2668

The approach of rain after constant and severe drought.

Handmade birdhouse, courtesy of my handsome man.IMG_4490

Heavy, late-summer sunflower bloom at a local farm. IMG_4957

Little girl in the sink.DSC_0462

Glass etching on our newly refurbished greenhouse. DSC_0026

Wooden log vase, created by me. The wood was a fallen branch found at a local mountain park. I decided to paint on a little color and give it to a friend for her birthday. A Year in Color

Various teacups, some old some new.

A new year approaches, let’s make the world a more colorful place.


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